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Solutions Manual  for Thermodynamics: An Engineering Approach  Seventh Edition in SI Units  Yunus A. Cengel,  Michael A. Boles McGraw-Hill, 2011

  • 7-1C The entropy change will be the same for both cases since entropy is a property and it has a fixed value at a fixed state. 
  • 7-2C No. In general, that integral will have a different value for different processes. However, it will have the same value for all reversible processes.
  • 7-3C That integral should be performed along a reversible path to determine the entropy change.
  • 7-4C No. An isothermal process can be irreversible. Example: A system that involves paddle-wheel work while losing an equivalent amount of heat.
  • 7-5C The value of this integral is always larger for reversible processes.
  • 7-6C No. Because the entropy of the surrounding air increases even more during that process, making the total entropy change positively.
  • 7-7C It is possible to create entropy, but it is not possible to destroy it

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