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the gifts of imperfection ebook
New York Times best-selling author and professor Brené Brown offers a powerful and inspiring book that explores how to cultivate the courage, compassion, and connection to embrace your imperfections and to recognize that you are enough.

  • Paperback, 138 pages
  • Published August 27th 2010 by Hazelden Publishing
  • Original Title: The Gifts of Imperfection
  • Edition Language: English

What others say about The Gifts of Imperfection: Embrace Who You Are

Ed says:

I've read more than my fair share of "self-help" literature so I can assert with conviction that this is not a self-help book. Instead, it's a revelation book. Each chapter triggered numerous "ah-Ha!" moments for me, because Dr Brown goes a step (or two, or five) beyond the common way of looking at or framing an issue to reveal the interconnectedness of elements that stall or sabotage our efforts to live a more satisfying life. Instead of the "that doesn't quite resonate" vibe I often get from self-help books, Dr Brown's perspectives ring true, and she re-labels certain attitudes and experiences in a way that's both startling and, importantly, hopeful. She gleans her insights from her research centred on living a "wholehearted" life, which grew out of her previous (perhaps ongoing?) study of "shame." The results that Dr Brown presents in this slim, readable book are nothing short of fascinating, and they function not as a how-to manual for quickly fixing an out-of-balance life, but as a set of powerful tools with which to cultivate a richer, more fully engaged and connected life.

M. Roy jr says:

Let me begin by stating where I was coming from when I picked this book up. I've spent 11 years in the Army and done quite a few combat deployments. Moreover, I had recently been dumped in my 'perfect' engagement by my fiancee who had been cheating on me with a male coworker. So, this 'emotional' genre of reading isn't usually my thing and my sense of worthiness was very injured. I initially avoided this book out of concern that it was one of many under-evidenced self-help titles.


-well-organized content. topics overlap somewhat (of course), but they are introduced in the form of very manageable daily 'guideposts'.
-content is qualitative research-based. I think this is the right approach since qualitative research is well-suited to derive meaning from the experiences of people.
-the writing style is down-to-earth, clear, and very humorous at times.
-the book is relatively inexpensive.
-the approach of tackling 'obstacles' of thinking that prevent wholehearted living.
-realistic expectations of the results of reading this book.
-comprehensive treatment of the elements of wholehearted living.
-the persuasiveness of pretty much every guidepost.

The Gifts Of Imperfection (Book Review)

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