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This book with a modest title “An Introduction to Embryology” was published in the period of 1960–1981 seven times in English, twice in Japanese and Italian, and once in Spanish. An Introduction to Embryology [FREE PDF DOWNLOAD], then you have come to the right place. Download directly from the fast servers with a single click.

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In September 1941, Boris Balinsky, ex-professor of the embryology of the Kiev University and ex-deputy director of the Institute of Zoology and Biology, Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR, had to come to the most important decision of his life. He had to choose between evacuation as a loyal citizen of the USSR and refusal from evacuation. The latter was making him a traitor but could give him a chance to leave for the West and continue research in emigration. Boris Balinsky made his choice in favour of the latter. As a result of this decision, he came to the laboratory of Conrad H. Waddington in Edinburgh, where he wrote a plan of the book, which famed him and the school of Russian experimental embryology among several generations of embryologists.

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