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Python Game Programming By Example


Installing Python
An overview of Breakout
The basic GUI layout
Diving into the Canvas widget
Basic game objects
The Ball class
The Paddle class
The Brick class
Adding the Breakout items
Movement and collisions
Starting the game
Playing Breakout

2. Cocos Invaders

Installing cocos2d
Getting started with cocos2d
Handling user input
Updating the scene
Processing collisions
Creating game assets
Space Invaders design
The PlayerCannon and GameLayer classes
Shoot’em up!
Adding a HUD
Extra feature – the mystery ship

3. Building a Tower Defense Game

The tower defence gameplay
Cocos2d actions
Interval actions
Instant actions
Combining actions
Custom Actions
Adding a main menu
Tiled Map Editor
Loading tiles
The scenario definition
The scenario class
Transitions between scenes
Game over cutscene
The tower defence actors
Turrets and slots
Game scene
The HUD class
Assembling the scene

4. Steering Behaviors

NumPy installation
The ParticleSystem class
A quick demonstration
Implementing steering behaviours
Seek and flee
Pursuit and evade
Obstacle avoidance
Gravitation game
Basic game objects
Planets and pickups
Player and enemies
The game layer

5. Pygame and 3D

Installing packages
Getting started with OpenGL
Initializing the window
Drawing shapes
Running the demo
Refactoring our OpenGL program
Processing the user input
Adding the Pygame library
Pygame 101
Pygame integration
Drawing with OpenGL
The Cube class
Enabling face culling
Basic collision detection game

6. platformer

An introduction to game design
Level design
Platformer skills
Component-based game engines
Introducing Pymunk
Building a game framework
Adding physics
Renderable components
The Camera component
The InputManager module
The Game class
Developing platformer
Creating the platforms
Adding pickups
The Player class and its components
The platformer class

7. Augmenting a Board Game with Computer Vision

Planning the Checkers application
Setting up OpenCV and other dependencies
Debian and its derivatives, including Raspbian, Ubuntu, and Linux Mint
Fedora and its derivatives, including RHEL and CentOS
OpenSUSE and its derivatives
Supporting multiple versions of OpenCV
Configuring cameras
Working with colours
Building the analyzer
Providing access to the images and classification results
Providing access to parameters for the user to configure
Initializing the entire model of the game
Updating the entire model of the game
Capturing and converting an image
Detecting the board’s corners and tracking their motion
Creating and analyzing the bird’s-eye view of the board
Analyzing the dominant colours in a square
Classifying the contents of a square
Drawing text
Converting OpenCV images for wxPython
Building the GUI application
Creating a window and binding events
Creating and laying out images in the GUI
Creating and laying out controls
Nesting layouts and setting the root layout
Starting a background thread
Closing a window and stopping a background thread
Configuring the analyzer based on user input
Updating and showing images
Running the application
Troubleshooting the project in real-world conditions

Further reading on OpenCV

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