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Psychology A Self-Teaching Guide

A complete course, from brain biology to abnormalpsychologyHundreds of questions and many review testsKey concepts and terms defined and explainedMaster key concepts. Answer challenging questions.


The Foundations of Psychology 1

Research Methods in Psychology: Gathering Data 17

The Biology of Behavior: Is the Brain the Organ of Mental Life? 30

Sensation: Studying the Gateways of Experience 45

Perception: Why Do Things Look the Way They Do? 57

Learning: Understanding Acquired Behavior 72

Motivation: Why Do We Do What We Do? 90

Emotions: Riding Life’s Roller Coaster 107

Thinking: Exploring Mental Life 120

Intelligence: In Pursuit of Rational Thought and Effective Action 136

Developmental Psychology: How Children Become Adults 153

Sex and Love: Are You in the Mood? 174

Personality: Psychological Factors That Make You an Individual 191

Abnormal Psychology: Exploring Mental Disorders 212

Therapy: Helping Troubled People 231

Social Psychology: Interacting with Other People 247

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