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Unpacking Your Mind 8
Taking your mind out of its box 9
Your three brains 11
Your divided brain 13
Close-up on your brain 16
Five key principles 18
Brain or mind? 21
Brain food 22
Laughter, music, and sleep 25
Nearly unpacked 28
A day in the life of Annie’s brain 29
Unpacking your mind—in a nutshell, 33
2Getting Ready to Learn 34
Checking your emotional readiness 35
Curiosity and emotional state 36
A hierarchy of emotional needs 38
Reading your own moods 39
An emotionally confusing world 40
Raising self-esteem 43
Learned optimism and the three Ps 46
The joined-up revolution 48
Mens Sana in corporate Sano 49
Brain gym 50
Getting to the spiritual dimension 51
A new sixth sense? 53
Getting ready to learn—in a nutshell 54

3 Switching On Your Mind 55

Understanding your fundamental drives 57
Rewarding your own learning 59
A formula for motivation to learn 61
Motivation and the mind 63
Getting the big picture 64
Balancing challenge and threat 64
The importance of where you learn 67
Who you learn with 68
Getting your learning environment ready 69
The pressures of life 71
Overcoming barriers to learning 72
Switching on your mind—in a nutshell 75
Part II GO For It: Becoming a competent learner 76

4 Learnacy 78

Understanding yourself as a learner 81
Learning to use new techniques: the 5Rs 82
Learning about learning 83
The learning cycle 84
Different types of learning 86
Learnacy—in a nutshell, 88

5 Understanding Yourself as a Learner 89

How you take in information 90
Dealing with information 95
Working out your learning style 96
Learning styles and information preferences 97
Learning styles and meetings 98
Understanding yourself as a learner—in a nutshell, 101

6 Resourcefulness 102

Getting the big picture 103
Tuning in your mind 105
Breaking down your learning 106
Learning by imitation 108
iv Power Up Your Mind
Learning online 112
Extending your range 114
Resourcefulness—in a nutshell, 116

7 Remembering 117

Understanding how your memory works 118
Types of memory 119
Key memory principles 121
Memory pegs 126
The importance of where you are 128
Muttering 129
Making regular deposits in your memory bank 130
Your sleeping mind 131
Remembering—in a nutshell, 133

8 Resilience 134

Persistence 136
Being an adventurer 137
Dealing with difficulties 139
Handling confusion 141
Resilience—in a nutshell, 143

9 Harnessing Your Creativity 144

Inspiration, ideas, and learning 147
The characteristics of creative people 149
The value of ideas 150
Multiple intelligences 152
The multiple intelligence workplace 158
Barriers to creativity 160
Making connections 163
Creative thinking 169
A world of possibility 179
Harnessing your creativity—in a nutshell, 181

10 The Case for Learning at Work 182

Six reasons it pays to learn 184
The case for learning at work—in a nutshell, 187
Contents v
Part III STEADY As You Go: Putting learning into practice 188

11 Living and Learning 190

Putting learning into action 190
Change and the brain 192
Living and learning—in a nutshell, 194

12Reflectiveness 195

The science of reflecting 197
The craft of reflecting 198
Making reflection normal 203
Overcoming the barriers to reflecting 204
A reflective world 207
Reflectiveness—in a nutshell, 209

13 Responsiveness 210

The feelings of change 212
Responding to change 215
Responsive learning 217
Responsiveness—in a nutshell, 219

14 Balancing Your Life 220

A life balance quiz 223
Controlling stress 226
A different kind of life planning 233
Balancing your life—in a nutshell 240

15 Making Time for Learning 241

Making learning normal 241
Why you need a learning practitioner 243
Making a personal learning action plan 245
Making time for learning—in a nutshell 248
Part IV Useful Information 249
An A–Z of brain-based approaches to life and work 250
Troubleshooting 253
Resources 258

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