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Are you looking for the free PDF of Fluent Forever How To Learn Any Language Fast And Never Forget It Gabriel Wyner [FREE PDF DOWNLOAD], then you have come to the right place. Download directly from the fast servers with a single click.

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Table of Content

1: Introduction: Stab, Stab, Stab Beginnings

Cheaters Occasionally Prosper: The Three Keys to Language Learning The Game Plan
How Long Does Fluency Take?
Do This Now: The Path Forward

2: Upload: Five Principles to End Forgetting

Principle 1: Make Memories More Memorable
Principle 2: Maximize Laziness
Principle 3: Don’t Review. Recall.
Principle 4: Wait, Wait! Don’t Tell Me!
Principle 5: Rewrite the Past
Timing Is Everything: The End of Forgetting
Do This Now: Learn to Use a Spaced Repetition System

3: Sound Play

Train Your Ears, Rewire Your Brain
Train Your Mouth, Get the Girl
Train Your Eyes, See the Patterns
Do This Now: Learn Your Language’s Sound System

4: Word Play and the Symphony of a Word

Where to Begin: We Don’t Talk Much About Apricots
Games with Words
The Gender of a Turnip
Do This Now: Learn Your First 625 Words, Music and All

5: Sentence Play

The Power of Input: Your Language Machine
Simplify, Simplify: Turning Mountains into Molehills
Story Time: Making Patterns Memorable
On Arnold Schwarzenegger and Exploding Dogs: Mnemonics for Grammar
The Power of Output: Your Custom Language Class
Do This Now: Learn Your First Sentences

6: The Language Game

Setting Goals: Your Custom Vocabulary
Words About Words
Reading for Pleasure and Profit
Listening Comprehension for Couch Potatoes
Speech and the Game of Taboo
Do This Now: Explore Your Language

7: Epilogue: The Benefits and Pleasures of Learning a Language

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