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Writing Better English 2nd Edition
Taking a developmental approach to improving writing skills, Writing Better English helps you increase your level of proficiency in both grammar and vocabulary.


1 Preparing to Write 1

Verb Tenses 2
Auxiliaries 16
The Passive Voice 26
The Subjunctive Mode 31
Conjunctions 38
Pronouns 44
Possessives and Plurals 62
The Comparative and Superlative 68

2 Beginning to Write 75

Sentence Completion 75

3 Writing Original Sentences 87

Understanding Format 87
Writing According to the Format 88

4 Story Completion 115

Understanding the Format 115
Completing Stories with Original Phrases 115

5 Writing Letters 151

The Friendly Letter 151
The Business Letter 157

6 Writing Original Themes 167

Appendix A: Irregular Verbs in the Past Tense
and Past Participle 173
Appendix B: Verbs and Tenses 177

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